Jam Lovers Club: 12 jars


(3 jars in each shipment, 4 shipments a year, 12 jars in total.)

This jam lovers club is not your usual of-the-month clubs. I don't send you whatever jam I can't sell retail to you. When you join, I ask you careful questions about your preference and distaste of fruits, berries, herbs, and spices. I customize each seasonal selection for you personally, based on your expressed preference. 

You also get the first pick of my limited edition jams and marmalades. If it's a bad season for apricot over here, and I'm only making a few boxes of Andy Mariani's exceptional heirloom Moorpark apricot (which put the better known Blenheim to shame in a jam jar.) My jam club members (who love apricots) get them first, then the rest goes in the shop for retail. The same goes with my rare Bouquet des Fleurs marmalade, which I make only one batch a year.

There will be four shipments in each subscription. The early Summer selection comes with early summer fruits like strawberries, blueberries, and apricots. Late Summer selection with stone fruits and other late-ripening fruits like tomato. Yes, tomato. (This year I made Tomato Raspberry jam, which already made believers out of quite a few of my discerning friends.) The Fall selection is about warmer, cozier flavors of spiced quince, pears, and apples. Finally, the Spring selection is all about marmalade. Then again, if you prefer a jar of strawberry jam in every shipment, just tell me, I'll make it happen. You may join the jam club any time.

(Approximate) shipping calendar:

  • Spring: the end of April
  • Early Summer: the end of July
  • Late Summer: the end of September
  • Fall: mid December

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