Blenheim Apricot


The Blenheim apricot is everyone's favorite heirloom apricot. The ones I used in this jam came from the amazing Andy Mariani of Andy's Orchard in Morgan Hill. I cooked them with nothing but sugar and a little Meyer lemon juice, oh, and, of course, the noyaux from the fruits themselves. 

The noyau, the little kernel of "stone" inside each apricot pit, is what gives the fruit the name "stone fruit". It has an amazing flavor an aroma, similar to bitter almond. It also adds serious depth to the flavor of the jam. There's one noyau inside each jar of this jam. You It's entirely edible, but it's in there more to impart the aroma to the jam than to be eaten off hand. Don't come and sue me if you broke a tooth on it, ok?

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