Blueberry & Golden Raspberry Jam


This jam is here to delight and befuddle you. 

One bite, it's purely delicious blueberry. Another bite, it's zesty golden raspberry. You just can't decide! 

So you'll need to take another bite. And another. And another. Before you know it, the spoon will scrape the bottom of the jar and the jam will be gone. 

This has happened to quite a few of my friends. True story.

P.S. The blueberries came from the incomparable Ridgecrest farm on the hills overlooking the Monterey Bay and the Morgan Hill valley, and the golden raspberries are from the fabulous Route 1 farm, on the gorgeous highway 1 just north of Santa Cruz. With views like that, how can the fruits not be deliriously delicious?

P.P.S. This jam won the Good Food Awards 2012. Yay! Double yay!

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