Honeyed Quince


If you're not familiar with them, the quince is an heirloom fruit that deserves far more attention than it currently enjoys. It has such a beautiful fragrant, one ripe quince will perfume an entire room. Sadly, the quince is becoming rarer by the day, because most people simply don't know what to do with it. Even the ripe fruits are far too astringent to eat raw, but once(properly) cooked they are simply delightful, a perfect balance of sweet and tart, and a unique fragrant that will turn you into an instant fan. I promise.

This jam is simply heirloom quince, grown by my lovely friend Madeleine up in Marshall, cooked with intense Buckwheat honey from Meek's Honey right here in Santa Cruz. It's the perfect condiment on your cheese plate, combining the two classic pairings for cheese, membrillo (quince paste) and honey, all in one neat package. 


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