Joe's Strawberries in Hibiscus & Vanilla Syrup


A luscious compote of whole strawberries in hibiscus and vanilla scented syrup. These amazing berries are from my friend Joe of Dirty Girl farms here in Santa Cruz.

The berries are macerated with sugar and infused with plump vanilla pods from Madagascar and tangy hibiscus flowers, in a delicate process that leaves the berries whole, suspended in a super flavorful syrup. This is arguably the most time-consuming and finicky of all my jam making endeavors. There's no added water, so the gorgeously bright red strawberry syrup you see in the jar is all the goodness from the berries themselves. 

Eat the luscious whole strawberries by the spoonful, on toasted crusty bread, yogurt, or even homemade vanilla ice cream. Any leftover syrup will be a blessing in your evening cocktails. Try a gin fizz. You're welcome.

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