Chez Pim: Delicious Confitures

Pim Techamuanvivit <tech refugee, pioneer food blogger, one-book-wonder> launched her jam making adventure a couple of years ago when she gave in to a mesmerizing call of the beautiful fruits available here in Northern California. 

She began with classic marmalades made with exotic citrus she picked herself from her friend Gene Lester's farm in Watsonville. You won't find a simple orange marmalade, instead it'd be something like Bouquet des Fleurs Marmalade made with a rare variety of sour orange prized for its exceptionally fragrant oil. All her marmalades are made in the old-school style, hand-cut into elegant, long strips of rind, balancing the bitter, sweet, and sour with deft hands. And, yes, she continues to harvest the citrus herself each season.

Her jams are made in much the same way, inspired by the gorgeous, delicious fruits from nearby farms, like Andy Mariani's fabled stone fruit orchard in Morgan Hill, or her dear friend Joe Schirmer's Dirty Girl Produce here in Santa Cruz. Pim cooks these pristine fruits in heavy duty French copper bassine à confiture, which promotes quick cooking, preserving the freshest fruit flavors. 

Pim calls herself a garagiste jam maker. Small batch jam making is her passion. She uses seasonal ingredients at the prime of their ripeness, then listens to them and adds to them what they need, spices, herbs, even other fruits. So, you may never see a jam flavor twice in her collection. And that's totally fine with her.

Early fans of her work are some people you might know. Vogue Magazine's Jeffrey Steingarten calls her products unparalleled. The editor of Food & Wine magazine Dana Cowin tweeted of eating her amazing apricot jam in a party dress + heels, fresh from a fancy ball uptown. Neil Gaiman, yes that-Neil-himself, pronounced them glorious. Yet, her most enthusiastic supporters are the loyal jam buyers on her mailing list, who repeatedly snapped up her limited production, often within hours or days after they were made available each season. 

Contact: jam [at] chezpim [dot] com

All Chez Pim jams and marmalades are in 6 fl.oz. (177ml) jar, unless otherwise noted.